How to send an email to a lead from a Blueprint


Hi Paul, I’m busy setting up a blueprint for my lead qualification. At a certain stage, I want to send an email to the lead. I can set-up the template, but I cannot get hold of the lead’s email address. Only the Owner and Creator is shown as possible email recipients. See the attached image.



The blueprint is a work process.
Do this, then this, then this type thing.
It’s not for automating emailing customers.

What you want to look at is a workflow to send the email to customers on a triggered event.
So if you want to trigger an email you can add a tag to the lead/customer and make that fire the email for you.

See this post:

this video.


Thanks, your suggestion makes sense.

The reason why I have asked my original question is based on a youtube video by Samir Meharali “Blueprint: Sales Process Automation in Zoho CRM”. The video URL is “”. At about 11:23 minutes into the video, the presenter indicates how he can send an email to the lead from within his blueprint. Unfortunately the video does not allow for comments.


Ah right. Let me take a look. I’ve had a few people who say it can’t be done. But I never got round to looking for myself.


Leon this is what my email Notifcation window looks like. On my 2nd test account.
On my account I can’t access Leads on blueprint.

I take it you changed the Lead module to be called Prospect instead?
Or is that a new module maybe without an email field yet?


I jump on live chat with Zoho Support. I’m having to do that to fix why Leads don’t show up in my blueprint. Or why the layout isn’t and option.


Hi Paul, thanks for your effort.

I have renamed the “Leads” module to “Prospects”. I forgot to mention that I have the professional version. Might this be a feature that is only available in the enterprise version?


Ah crap maybe yeah. I saw there was some difference between the two.
Mine is the enterprise version.


How many users do you have in the system on Professional version?
Maybe worth looking into Zoho ONE if you haven’t already.

I’m still not sure why you are missing the fields though. There’s nothing in the pricing tables that says you lose this function on the professional version.


Currently I have just one user, but Zoho ONE looks to be more efficient because I have to subscribe to Zoho books and that does not include Websites and forms.


Ah yeah it was a great deal at $35 a month last year. Same price as Zoho CRM Enterprise alone.
At $90 a month it’s pricier but still a good deal if you know you will use a few of the apps.

Can you trial it for a month to make sure it works for what you need?
I’m not sure of the answer to that.
Might be worth talking to a support agent.


Paul thanks for your help.

Do you have a reference or a link by which you get some commission when someone subscribe to a Zoho product?


Yeah I do :slight_smile: And you get access to my Zoho ONE Private Network group too.
I’ll request you as a referred partner. You’ll get a request from Zoho Partner Happy-Me Ltd.

For anyone else reading this.
Zoho ONE referral link is:


Zoho change the way to tag a partner.

All you have to do is click this link

And then tag the me with partner code: PAULCOM
For EU customers partner code is: PAULEU




I have followed the link, and after I clicked on the “Tag your partner” button a window opened where I can enter your code. There is an option “Do you want to give your Mail Control Panel Access to your partner?” What/where is my Mail Control Panel? Is that part of Zoho mail?


I guess it is so I could manage your mail for you.
Don’t tick it.
I’m not sure why they changed this.
Before I could just send an email that users accepted grrrrrrrrr…
Thanks for trying.